It’s without a doubt that Afromanding boasts a multi-national collective of musicians with a common love for many African musical styles.

Afromanding’s sound is greatly influenced by the joyous sounds of Manding music from West Africa; including Mbalax and Afro-beat. They’ve forged their own original and energetic coalition of sounds, bursting with traditional West African instruments; such as the kora, djembe, junkaran, balafon and tama. Western sounds of guitar, bass and keyboards also play a key role in the overall uplifting sound.

Members of Afromanding have been performing in various groups across the lengths of the UK and beyond since 1992: These include in popular 90s and 00s world music band Zubop Gambia and also Seeds of Creation, Olodum, Salmagundi and The Invisible Orchestra.

Each member has collaborated with artists from many other genres and it’s this collective expertise and experience that enriches the unique sound of the band.

Afromanding is currently recording their first album, which is set to be released in Spring 2019.

Exciting times are ahead!

Afromanding Crew (2019):

John Berry (UK) – Guitars, backing vocals & management

Njega Sohna (The Gambia) – Lead percussion, junkaran, djembe, balafon, vocals & management

Yusufa M’Boob (The Gambia) – Junkaran, Djembe, vocals & tama

Josh Elliot (UK) - Guitar & vocals

Amie Cherry (The Gambia) - Lead vocals

George Butt (UK/Italy) – Bass guitar